Alternative Assets

Belgrove is focused on investing in alternative asset strategies that will provide us and our investors with attractive and differentiated risk adjusted returns. We look to team with best in class managers who have well thought out and executable strategies. Potential strategies could include, but not limited to, infrastructure; “Smart Cities”; renewable energy; and litigation finance.
The need for investment in all forms of infrastructure remains significant including roads, airports, ports and energy. Also, investment and need in social infrastructure remains high, including schools, hospitals and other government related facilities delivering services.
Litigation Finance
Litigation finance is a fast emerging alternative asset class. It is not a loan product, but a non-recourse investment in the outcome of meritorious commercial legal disputes. The attractiveness of this strategy is the ability to diversify investment portfolios and generate strong returns without correlation to traditional investments.
Renewable Energy
Opportunities continue within existing renewable technologies including solar, wind, biomass and hydro.
“Smart Cities”
Smart City investment will continue to grow. There is a push for Internet of Things (IoT), solutions that are sought by cities that want more granular and accurate data on city services and infrastructure.